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Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the website of the Concierge Association for Hotels, ‘Le Chiavi D’Oro Toscane’ (The Golden Tuscan Keys). You have now reached the official website of the Clefs d’Or' it is a professional association, serving clients in the best hotels in the world and established in 40 countries. You can recognise a Golden Keys Concierge by the logo of crossed keys with the inscription ’Les Clefs d’Or’ on their jacket lapel. A smile, kindness, willingness and discretion are our best qualities, of which we know the meaning very well and this is the daily approach to our guests, to ensure them a memorable and unique stay. In our profession, this is a process that requires hard work, dedication and passion. These aspects are not always present in everyone who works in this profession. It is becoming increasingly frequent to find on the internet, Concierge services such as ‘Concierge Online or Personal Concierge’, but they do not have the standards required that define the quality, necessary to satisfy guests. The Golden Keys Cross is the symbol of Hotel Concierges and the only ones who can carry it are those belonging to the UIPA. They are an Italian Association of Concierges, called The Golden Keys and Les Clefs d’Or. They both belong to the UICH, which is an International Association, founded in 1929, of the Clefs d’Or and are in 40 countries from around the world. Their only goal is to offer their hotel guests the best welcome and service possible. We wish to make a clear distinction between us and those who define themselves as being skilled for this profession, when simply they are not. That is why the Concierges of “Les Clefs d’Or” provide the highest standard of service in their hotels, to ensure an unforgettable stay.

Alessandro Marchese
President "LeChiavi D'Oro" Toscana from 2019