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The Tuscan Association ‘Golden Keys’ was one of the first in Italy to be established as an independent group.  Adelmo Palombi (Concierge at the Hotel Baglioni in Florence) was urged by Mr. Franzetti (Concierge of the Hotel Palace in Milan), to start this Association, with the help of Mr. Codacci, Mr. Mariotti and Mr. Stagi.  The first organizing committee was composed by Adelmo Palombi as President, Oscar Brunetti as Secretary and Silvano Toccafondi as Treasurer. A fee of 3,000 Italian Lire was asked to join, but it was mainly funded by two members of the Association, Sir Pietrobelli, owner of Hotel Roma and Sir Colombet, Director of Hotel Majestic.  The Tuscan Association "Golden Keys" had the honor to baptize the Foundation for the Italian Federation of the Hotel Concierges (F.I.P.A).

The federation was born, in fact in the hall of Hotel Cavalieri in Pisa in 1952, and all the regional groups of those years joined the Federation such as Lombarda, Triveneta, Southern, Toscana, Romana and Ligure. Mr Giuseppe Franzetti from Milan was largely elected as President.  In 1955 the Tuscan Association, proud to have their own independent group, hosted a National Conference in Montecatini Terme to solve the "Franzetti case".
The Congress elected Alberto Pinto from Rome as Chairman of F.I.P.A. Meanwhile the Regional Association was growing, thanks to the excellent and memorable work of the President Adelmo Palombi, for which he was in charge for 12 years.
Giovanni Codacci was appointed the new President in 1962 and later Gastone Mancini was appointed the new President in 1965.
During the presidency of Gastone Mancini coincided a large increase of memberships to join the Associations, in 1968 new people came with bright ideas and energy to occupy job positions of great responsability.  The Regional Congress at the time appointed Oliviero Bellini as President, whilst Enzo Baldaccini and Renzo Bini were appointed as Vice President and Secretary.
In 1971 at the ‘Milan Congress’, Mr Bellini was elected as National President of F.I.P.A. To succeed him as Regional President was Carlo Mori, whilst Francesco Tarabusi was appointed as Vice President and Renzo Bini as Secretary.  According to Francesco Tarabusi, at that time, the policy of the "banco unico" took place, but it had already been in practice for sometime; the Presidency had to deal with this problem, it was not completely resolved but only in part by the mediation of Ugo Zilletti, President of ‘Azienda Autonoma di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo’ (tourist company).  The new assembly promoted a series of new cultural and sport events that was largely appreciated by the assembly, such as swimming competitions, football tournaments ("The Tourism Cup") and various exhibitions of paintings, but only for painter members.
In 1974 was elected the new Committee: Mr. F. Tarabusi as President, Alberto Bartoli as Vice President and Fabio Carlesi as Secretary. 
The Committee immediately issued, as their first goal, the institution of the ‘Greeting’s Day’ and a brochure for travellers with all the information of the Tuscan Region.  Mr. Tarabusi led the Association from 1974 to 1980.
Under the Presidency of Mr. F. Tarabusi, took place the National Congress held in Montecatini Terme in 1974, where Mr. Bellini was re-elected President of F.I.P.A. keeping its the main office in Florence.  From 1980 a new Committee led the Tuscan Association: Alberto Bartoli as President, Marcello Bindi as Vice President and Guido Barbacci as Secretary.  The people say that Bartoli was a very accomplished man; a true leader is one who serves.
Under his Presidency was born the Cooperative “Chiavi D’Oro”, in order to achieve the publication of the brochure, ‘Florence Concierge Information’. 
Franco Cerbai was the first President of the Cooperative ‘Chiavi D’Oro’. Finally, the Tuscan Association had an adequate office, thanks to all the members.  From 1980 to 1985, the Association was led by Alberto Bartoli with his secretary Alberto Castelli.  During his Presidency, along with all of his creative work, in 1985, he organized ‘The National Meeting of F.I.P.A.’. Unfortunately in December 1985, Alberto Bartoli suddenly passed away, leaving a great void in us all.  The Association continued until the end of the 1986 mandate led by Enzo Cecconi.
Fabio Carlesi led the Association extremely well from 1986 to 1992, supported by his secretary Alberto Castelli during the two mandates. Mr. Carlesi was a gentleman: besides his creative work to constantly improve the Association he organized, in honor of Mr. Bartoli his best friend, the ‘Bartoli Award’, dedicated to those involved in the tourist industry.
From 1992 to 1995, Enrico Grossi led the Association together with his Secretary Alberto Castelli.  Mr. Castelli was an excellent organizer and gave to the Association great vitality and in 1993 he superbly organized the ‘National Congress F.I.P.A.’.  Francesco Brunori, who is still very active as Senior Adviser, led the Association with great merit from 1995 to 1998; he was supported by the two Vice Presidents Massimo Parlanti and Nerio Natalini and Stefano Celli as Secretary.  During his mandate, the Association published a list of International events held in Florence and given to the Ministers participating in the closure of a six-month term of the Italian Presidency in Europe in 1996.  In December 1997, the sponsors of the Association gave the opportunity to organise a Christmas Concert in Santa Maria Novella, with 56 music teachers from the ‘School of Music of Fiesole’.  The money was donated to the Centro Oncologico of Careggi (Careggi Research Centre of Cancer).
Massimo Parlanti led the Association from 1998 to 2001, a period of time, which was not very easy to run.  He showed competence and personality in handling the difficulties of that time.  His two Vice Presidents were Stefano Celli and Nerio Natalini and Alberto Castelli was his Secretary.  Together with all the Presidents of the Regional Associations, they had to deal with the end of F.I.P.A. and change to U.I.P.A., due to the directives given by U.I.C.H, the International Hotel Concierge, based in Paris.  They were required to respect the article no.4, which was ordered to wear the cross keys on the jacket lapel of the Hotel Concierge.
The request to respect this article was the reason why some Regional Associations split from the U.I.C.H.  The Tuscan Association under the Presidency of Mr. Parlanti kept intact its professional conduct of the Hotel Concierges and remained faithful to the F.I.P.A.  From the 1st January 2000, they changed into the U.I.P.A, Italian Association of Hotel Concierges, keeping the link with the U.I.C.H., International Union of Hotel Concierges.
Francesco Brunori was re-elected President in 2001, but he quit the Presidency in 2003 for a senior position.
To succeed him was Stefano Celli, who was confirmed at the next election, bringing to an end the two mandates in 2007, with Alessandro Marchese as Vice President and the two Secretaries; Aldo Beneforti and Claudio Meli. 
This was certainly one of the most troubled periods of the Tuscan Association, also due to the dissolution of the Cooperative, whose management (Aldo Beneforti as President and Maurizio Ammazzini who was an Ex-President), should be given credit for having managed complex situations.
The dissolution of the Cooperative was ordered by the new rules of law that required the Association to become legal and inherit the brand name of the ‘Florence Concierge Information’, in order to keep alive the source of information that the Concierge is pleased to offer to their Hotel’s guests.
In December 2005, Stefano Celli and his advisers organized the ‘National Congress U.I.P.A.’ in Florence, with great success.
From September 2007 Michele Paonessa was elected President, together with a group of young advisers who, with their energy and determination, are achieving some remarkable work, with brand new ideas and initiatives to introduce themselves to the rest of the world.